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Irina Kara

 Irina started painting in her childhood. As an architect, a tutor of architecture at the Technical University and interior designer she is a successful artist. She always wanted to be an artist in order to express herself.

  Irina was first an abstract painter and continued to create expressive and colourful works throughout her life that are widely appreciated by her collectors and other people.

  Irina sees her work as a living organism. She says: Blank canvas is ‘talking’ to me and sometimes dictates what should appear.  Rarely do I depict something that was planned in advance. Mostly, the idea comes to me during the work itself.  Sometimes the process reminds me of a battlefield between me and the canvas. Truth comes from opposition and when the conflict ends the painting emerges. 

  Irina’s artistic language is similar to music. The beauty of the form is not immediately visible but appears in the movement of the brushstrokes on the canvas.

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