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Gevorg Tadevosyan

The artist catches the idea planning in air and transform it to a touchable and visual object. This transformation is the art of sculpture. 

With an idea in my mind I think to make a medium like the bronze to be expressive and speaking. It is like giving breath to the inanimate physical body. When I put the idea in the medium I give sole to it. 

I like my artworks be intelligent. I want them to be able to speak about themselves. That’s why my artworks are conceptual. They are not just figures having more or less forms, but a composition made of different elements and coexistence of different styles within one work. 

Bronze is a strong material and requires a lot of efforts to become vibrant, transparent, flexible and strong at the same time. 

But to be brief I would say what I look to see in my works is the movement. I understand well that by their physical nature artwork are static, they can’t move, change the position. So to give some life to them I try create the illusion of movement. 

Everyday hardworking, reading, drawing, studying, searching and challenging these are the “obvious secrets” of success in art. 

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