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       Deša P. Vlahutin

   Basic geometric shapes purged of all metaphor. Accent on the materials. Equality and balance. Cold representation. Repetition. Less is more.
The works of Deša P. Vlahutin correspond to all these features mentioned above, characteristic of the minimal art, well known in the 1960s and 1970s in Western culture.

 Deša P. Vlahutin is an authentic contemporary minimalist artist in these post-post modern times, and she respects fatefully the rules and principles of minimalism in concept and formal approach. She works with classic and sometimes expensive materials without the evidence of the artist’s hand, for their aesthetic impact. She has an impessive vision for large sculptures destined to public spaces.

There are no symbolic features behind the forms. They are exactly what they represent. Nothing more, nothing less.

  Olivia Nitis

art critic & curator

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